Colors of the Ocean

The South Sea diary

Observing the sea people are fascinated by the wide open, its whims and it's sheer endless number of colors.


Roggenbauers diary of 24 pictures catches exactly those atmospheric colors of Tahiti, Tikehau, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Cook Islands and Mangaia.


For sure a pure focus on the colors does not require sharp, brilliant pictures. Details as revealed by common photos would even distract from that beautiful key aspect. 


Therefore he decided to emphasize his color-focus by imitating blurred aquarelles.                                                                                        Click here for more details

FRITZ is coming to town

Lido Weiden

The reshaping of the sleepy lido at "Weiden am See" unsettled many locals & linked people as the former elementary restaurant had to make room for the modernized unit "dasFRITZ" which has access to the waterfront. 


An intervention often criticized.


However was the transformation rally that profound or is it just the common excitement that comes along with any change before it's even called a great idea?


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My interpretation of ZEN

The goal of this project was to catch Zen with photographic means.


The challenge: Zen is neither an object nor something teachable.

It is never matter of conclusive reasons or considerations.


Therefore those pictures can only reflect the photographers personal perception of Zen & how he experiences it. But for sure he managed to evoke emotions like elevated peace, inner placidness and harmony.


Time and space blur & seem to be meaningless. Only objects bunch out like bounds of abstract concepts or imaginations influencing our daily acting.  But there is nothing to achieve!                                                          Click here for more pictures

The Streets of London

The Streets of London is a conceptual work & the result of an observation of the air activity in the "Nationalpark Neusiedler See - Seewinkel". Thousands of passengers are passing each day without taking a note of that wonderful UNESCO world heritage.


Mr. Roggenbauer was quiet interested of where those airliners are coming from & where the almost invisible motorways are leading to. As a consequence he had to equip himself with a flight radar application and determined all the movements.


It was quiet surprising that despite the fact that most of the pictures where taken on only one day a majority of the planes had London as their final destination.                                                                                      Click here for more pictures

Aid for quake torn "Happy Children"

Earthquake & Happy Children

Just after the last devastating earthquake in Nepal a friend of Roggenbauer organised a reliefconsinment for an orphanhouse in Kathmandu. Accompanying that shipment Roggenbauer found some time to take portraits for all the orphans & caregivers living there.


How can YOU help?

(German bank details)

Happy Children-Hilfe for Nepals Kinder e.V.

Volksbank Hochrhein

IBAN: DE50684922000001069020


Reason for payment: Photos for Happy Children                      Click here for more details